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Inverness Bike Hire

Why choose us

Price - we are the cheapest bike hire in town. 

Luggage - for a small fee, we will securely, look after any luggage you might have for the duration of your hire.

Service - if you get into difficulties we will happily drive out to collect you and the bike and return you to Inverness- subject to maximum 10 mile distance and availability of driver.

Flexible - we do not have a stop watch monitoring exactly what time you will return, we dont close until 10pm in the summer months.

Maintenance - all of our bikes are maintained daily prior to hire.

Location - we are centrally located, just a few paces from the town house.

Advice -  we will offer you maps and advice on how to get the best from your bike hire.

Trust - We are affiliated with Visit Scotland.

Insurance -  you are covered for the loss and damage of property subject to minimum excess.